• Lyrical abstraction

    From Wikipedia: Abstract impressionism (closely related to lyrical abstraction) is a type of abstract painting (not to be confused with abstract expressionism) where small brushstrokes or application with a palette knife build and structure larger surface areas.

    James Lechay called himself an abstract impressionist. Rose, his wife was his most painted subject. They lived in a simple, small house on the only hill in Wellfleet overlooking the bay. I've written about him a couple of times before; before moving to the outer Cape when that idea seemed like a crazy, impossible, beautiful dream. Before, when Thomas and I were trapped in the city, in the race. 

    But now? Thomas and I are here. There. The outer Cape. Now, to help fill in winter cash flow gaps that a seasonal business can't, I work for James Lechay's granddaughter, prepping the house for the flurry of renters that will sweep through this spring and summer. I've spent a lot of time over there the past couple of weeks. Alone, but with some really lovely company watching me over my shoulder. 

    Yeah, it's pretty much a dream.