• February nesting.

    The snow has finally come; a blanket pulled up snug & tight over the landscape, tucking us into our houses. It is officially time to nest. Or make pasta from scratch. 

    On my to-do list since October or so, my belly has eagerly been waiting for this day. So I hopped on over to Angela's house to finally make it happen. 

    We used this recipe from Food52, combining one part semolina to two parts all-purpose flour, and using all four of our hands to keep the eggs inside the well.  While the dough rested, Angela made us an easy San Marzano sauce with butter and onion, nothing else. 

    Next step: we cranked the dough through a pasta machine until nice & thin, then through an attachment that sliced the dough into noodles. We dropped the nests into boiling water to cook and after a few minutes, wa-lah. 

    The next pasta on deck? Squid ink! 

    Garden planning is in the works as well. More grass will be turned into growing space, more seeds will go in the ground, more good things to come.