• Asleep, awake.

    January is here, and we're in it: resolutions, organizing, reevaluating. We look at things in a new light, then the snow comes and that light changes yet again. 

    In winter, we sleep, we wake, we repeat. The long list of To-Do's and I-Hope's is made. The long wait for spring starts now. 

    From my To-Do/I-Hope list:

    1. A new home for my reindeer fern. This little guy came home with me in a pot about 4 years ago. Lately, he was getting a little droopy and the fronds were starting to yellow, so I mounted him on this slab of cedar using some small tack nails, fishing line, and sphagnum moss. Reindeer ferns grow off tree trunks and branches in the wild, taking water and nutrients in through their leaves, similar to air far, so good for this guy. 

    2. More outside time in the winter.

    3. Moon as my guide

    4. Start early: whether it's getting the fire going, or the day on its way. 

    5. Enjoy this. Because once spring is here, downtime does not exist. 

    6. Bake more bread. (Recipe soon!) 

    7. Share.