• Herbs and the Earth

    Herbs and the Earth

    'When we were planning our move to the Cape, I came across The Outermost House. Living in a tiny shack on the dunes of the outer beach, Beston wrote of the ocean and tides, the birds and animals, and both the beauty and cruelty of nature. 

    A few weeks ago at a yard sale near our house, I stumbled across another Beston book and could barely contain my excitement. 

    His words came into my life with perfect timing.

    'A garden is the mirror of the mind. It is a place of life, a mystery of green moving to the pulse of the year, and pressing on and pausing the while to its own inherent rhythms.'

    'In making a garden there is something to be sought, and something to be found. To be sought is a sense of the lovely and assured, of garden permanence and order, of human association and human meaning; to be found is beauty and that unfolding content and occupation which is one of the lamps of peace.'

    'True humanity is no inherent right but an achievement; and only through the earth may we be as one with all who have been and all who are yet to be, sharers and partakers of the mystery of living, reaching to the full of human peace and the full of human joy.'

  • Speaking of roses....they're in bloom.

    Speaking of roses....they're in bloom.

    Farmers market season has begun and the herbs have finally grown big enough to come along for the ride. Our flowers are still tight little buds, but their blooms aren't far behind. I check on them each day, making note of their progress and sometimes their regression, thanks to slugs & bugs or bunnies I used to think were soooo cute. (Nothing breaks your heart more than watching a rabbit chomp away on the billyball flowers you started from seed in March.) In the meantime, I've been busy in the studio infusing oils with potent herbs for salves & balms, grinding cedar & pine into incense, bottling herbal bug repellent, and making a solid perfume blend with dried roses. 

    Speaking of roses....they're in bloom. 

    And the chickens! Each day their feathers are more beautiful than the day before. From the top: Dorito, Penguin, Peanut Butter, Rosie, Black Betty. We planted hops along the wire to give them some shade. It grows up to 10ft. in a single season, so it will give the ladies a nice shady spot to hang this summer.More photos to follow from the garden, the studio, the coop. 

  • Winter here.

    Winter here.

    Talk lately is of spring; when it's coming, how soon the snow will melt. But this winter was beautiful and we enjoyed every single minute of it. 


    But spring really is coming. We saw buds on a walk last weekend, with nearby branches still covered in marshmallow snow. 

    Work on the outside of the house has resumed with the onset of warmer weather. Garden planning has begun - along with chicken coop ideas for some new little friends we plan on picking up in a few weeks. 

  • Patterns in nature

    Patterns in nature

    Beach walks along the new face of the seashore, changed by the recent onslaught of winter. Storms have sliced away the dunes, revealing dark, loamy earth where tree stumps and roots of old have long been buried. 

    Sands swirled by the tides, layers of color in the dunes, the grain in the hidden wood: these patterns in nature are our inspiration.

    Tiger Maple Slabs are now available in the shop. View them in person at the Orleans Winter Farmer's Market, along with our entire wood, beeswax, and botanical collection. 



    New and full moons hold influence over the tides; an infinite relationship of rising and receding waters with waxing and waning. Gathering energy from the ocean floor while the moon above does the same, tides are strongest and highest at their newest and fullest. Herbs and flowers feel the same lunar influence. Blooms often appear on the new moon.

    And although a full moon is stronger, a new moon is seen as the beginning.

    Announcing: MOONS/TIDES. Released on each new moon, this package includes two botanically inspired  products and a few gifts foraged from the tides of outer Cape Cod. Curated in our studio and handmade in limited runs, these packages are true exclusives. 

    To be released on February 18th. 

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